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| This was INTERZUM 2017

tl_files/uploads/Messelogos/Review Mailling Interzum 2017 GB.jpg

Many thanks for attending. Your SIBU team

| SIBU DESIGN at the EuroShop 2017

tl_files/uploads/sonstiges/Messeleiste EUROSHOP 2017.jpg

L’EuroShop 2017 à Düsseldorf – le salon des réalisations et aménagements de magasins.

Au début de ce mois, notre stand de présentation raffiné a irrésistiblement attiré les regards des clients éventuels et est devenu une scène de conversations formidables.

D‘éventuelles nouvelles applications ont non seulement été discutées mais conçues tout de suite. L’EuroShop a montré une fois de plus que nos réalisations et développements sont toujours à jour avec les dernières tendances.

Rétrospectivement, nous sommes parfaits satisfaits du déroulement réussi du salon avec ses nombres de visiteurs bien élevés et nous nous réjouissons à l’avance de nouveaux projets stimulants.

En résumé : Après le salon c’est avant le salon ! Nous serons de retour en 2020 !

Ihr SIBU-Team.

| SIBU DESIGN at the SICAM 2016

tl_files/uploads/galerie/Messefotos/Messeleiste SICAM2.jpg

At SICAM Fair in Pordenone, Italy (October 18-21, 2016), we introduced for the first time the SIBU TRENDS 1.7 – individual customer products, as well as different furniture and wall applications.

The SIBU booth was a veritable point of attraction. During this year´s exhibition appearance we could establish hundreds of exciting contacts and conduct very constructive conversations.

We presented our brand new TRENDS 1.7, consisting of 3 completely differentcollections:

The FURNITURE I COLLECTION opens up new ways of trendy furniture fronts.

In the STONE I COLLECTION you will find exclusive stone finish decors for beautiful design possibilities in a wide range of areas.

The LEATHER I COLLECTION is timeless and can be combined in versatile ways – get enchanted by is super soft haptics.

We thank our visitors for the interest in our new products and look forward to new challenging projects.


Your SIBU DESIGN team.

| SIBU DESIGN - management changes.


I take great pleasure in informing of a change to the executive management of SIBU Design GmbH & Co KG. At the turn of the year, I was able to hand over the company to Mr. Herold Barbato, a trusty business partner and friend, who will serve as CEO and an additional stockholder.  

Mr. Barbato enriches our company due not only to his extensive professional experience in the sales, marketing and managerial fields, but also his affinity with design and architecture. From the very start of his career Mr. Barbato was attracted to the realm of aesthetics and design and completed training as an interior designer. This was many years before he joined Nike and progressed from being a sales employee to become the strategic Key Account Manager for Central Europe. Subsequently he spent sixteen years at the Burg Design company as the head of Sales and Marketing and a member of the executive management.

In addition to his professional background, what I estimate in particular about Mr. Barbato is the design expertise that he gathered in the automotive industry and his dynamic approach, which is certain to breathe new life into our products. A spirit reflected by the latest, pleasing changes to the SIBU Design logo.
I am convinced that together with the existing SIBU team, Mr. Barbato will open up new paths to success via which we will further perfect our know-how and design competence.

I intend to withdraw from operative business and in future pay increased attention to product development, which remains my passion. I would like to offer my sincere thanks for our cooperation over the years and wish to assure you with Mr. Barbato a productive future is secured. Accordingly, I would like to close by offering him a warm welcome to the company.
Karl Burgholzer
On behalf of the stockholders

We decorate.


De retour de Pordenone – le salon professionnel SICAM!


Du 13 au 16 octobre 2015, nous avons présenté au salon SICAM à Pordenone, Italie, les SIBU TRENDS 2015  les plus récents, des produits individuels pour clients ainsi que des applications diverses pour meubles et parois.

Lors de notre participation au salon cette année-ci nous avons pu nouer des contacts passionnants et mener des entretiens bien constructifs.

Nous remercions tous nos visiteurs pour l’intérêt porté à nos points forts au salon et nous réjouissons déjà de nouveaux projets exigeants.

Votre équipe SIBU

| C’était l’INTERZUM 2015


INTERZUM 2015, exposition internationale, dèjà un succès !

A cette occasion, nous avons présenté une nouvelle formule de catalogues incluant toutes nos nouveautés 2015 :
notre catalogue complet version imprimée OVERVIEW Version 3 remis à jour, ainsi que le catalogue d’échantillons INSPIRATIONS.
Cette nouvelle présentation a rencontré un vif intérêt de la part de l'ensemble des visiteurs.
Nous avons aussi accordé la plus grande importance au lancement des nouveautés SIBU sur le marché cette année et espérons bien que chacun trouvera de l'inspiration dans SIBU TRENDS 1.5 et un support efficace pour la réalisation de projets futurs.
Nous vous remercions de votre visite. Votre équipe SIBU

| Success at the HEIMTEXTIL and BAU trade fairs

SIBU DESIGN - success at the HEIMTEXTIL and BAU trade fairs.

Among other visitors, the Heimtextil trade fair attracted a large number of people with an interest in panelling to Frankfurt am Main. From 14 to 17 January 2015, we exhibited our latest highlights with plenty of drive and élan and were met with an enthusiastic response from the many visitors to our stand.

From 19 to 24 January 2015, we then put on a highly convincing presentation of our leading edge product innovations at the BAU trade fair in Munich.

We are looking forward to a number of exciting projects and wish to express our thanks to everyone that looked in on our trade fair stands.  

tl_files/uploads/sonstiges/Heimtexil1.jpg tl_files/uploads/sonstiges/Bau1.JPG tl_files/uploads/sonstiges/Bau2.JPG

| Foire d’architect@work - SIBU DESIGN y a été pour la première fois!

Foire d’architect@work - SIBU DESIGN y a été pour la première fois!

Nous étions représentés à la foire d’architect@work à Lyon du 4 au 6 juin 2014.

C’est là que nous avons réussi à enthousiasmer avec grand succès un large public professionnel avec nos groupes de produits tout actuels de SOL, SibuGlas et les nouveaux SIBU-Trends 1.4.

Des designers et architectes éminents ont montré un grand intérêt à nos possibilités.


 tl_files/uploads/sonstiges/Architect@work_Foto 2.JPG  tl_files/uploads/sonstiges/Architect@work_Foto 4.JPG  tl_files/uploads/sonstiges/Architect_work_Foto 3.JPG



| SIBU DESIGN enchants at the EUROSHOP 2014!

SIBU DESIGN enchants at the EUROSHOP 2014!

At its completely reorganised designer exhibition stand, SIBU will enchant you with brand new innovations.

The continuation of the design offensive, started in 2013, with numerous SIBUGLAS (SIBU GLASS) products (super scratch-proof PMMA, combined with stylish materials and revolutionary depth effect) will get all visitors to the fair enthusiastic about the distinctive SIBU look.

Stylish collages with high-quality SIBU SOFTLEDER (SIBU SOFT LEATHER) with its unique surface feel and visual appearance will make you fancy for more. In combination with SIBU decorative plates, there are virtually unlimited design options possibilities, also for casings and coverings.

An absolute must-have for shop-window decorations: the SIBU MAGNETIC-VARIANTE (SIBU MAGNETIC VARIANT), super easy to exchange (available for almost all decors), making design changes blindingly easy as of right now.

We wish you all many stunning styling ideas with SIBU DESIGN after this impressive trade fair.


tl_files/uploads/galerie/picture of the month/P1000569.JPGtl_files/uploads/galerie/picture of the month/P1000601.JPGtl_files/uploads/galerie/picture of the month/Sibu 3.JPG


| Catwalk Capture by SIBU Design

During their Final Walk the 3 beautiful finalists of Germanys most popular model show presented themselves in futuristic outfits made by Daniela Karlinger.

Again the Austrian fashion designer restaged SIBU Design's products after having inspired the fashion world with a fancy mirror dress for Lady Gaga already last year.


Another time the creative designer decided for Sibu Design Deco-Line mirrors – and the result is something astounding!

| Innovations at INTERZUM

SIBU DESIGN again creates interior design trends in 2013.


In 2013 all the signals at SIBU DESIGN are set at NEW. Not only are the location and the design of the company trade fair stand at the INTERZUM brand new, but also the innovative product groups that will be presented.

A fresh design offensive is to be launched with the SibuGlas line, which through a revolutionary, in-depth effect lends the scratch-resistant design an extra sparkle. Moreover, the specially developed PMMA combines with the stylish reptile and metallic vintage designs to conjure up a distinctive look unlike anything seen before.

As a further highlight, we will also be offering selected patterns in top quality soft leather with a unique feel and appearance.As a result of the introduction of the PVC-free Soft Leather line, SIBU materials can now be used for cladding or covering purposes. Together with standard SIBU sheets, this offers new combination possibilities, which allow total freedom for the implementation of your ideas. Have we aroused your curiosity?