20.07.2022: SIBU DESIGN makes rooms come alive

SIBU DESIGN makes rooms come alive

Pressemitteilung 20.07.2022


TERNBERG. SIBU DESIGN makes rooms come alive! This is the mission of the design panel manufacturer from Ternberg, which has set itself the goal of transforming interiors of all kinds into true design highlights and thus creating unmistakable spatial experiences.

With a machine park of around 25 systems, some of which are custom-built, and a team that shares the passion for products and quality 100 per cent, SIBU DESIGN produces panels that are not only visually impressive but also offer a functional advantage. Depending on customer requirements, the decorative panels are manufactured with a wide variety of properties. For example, the decorative panels can be equipped with a flame-retardant finish or, for particularly stressed areas, with highly abrasion-resistant surfaces. If joints are undesirable, the company offers materials that can be processed without joints. When it comes to “design”, there is nothing that does not exist. Starting with high-gloss or matt marble decors, through fancy textured panels to noble leather or velvet looks.

modern open office with stone look wall panels and golden veins

Product: DM LIMESTONE Grey Nature

Unlimited application possibilities

Thanks to the infinite variety of designs and functions, the decorative panels are used not only for classic wall cladding but also as a design element in the shopwindow/store construction of well-known brands such as Zara, Rayban or Hugo Boss, are processed in high-quality furniture and, due to the combination of design, flexibility and low weight, are regularly found in the interior cladding of mobile homes.

Team spirit and cohesion

SIBU DESIGN likes to compare itself to a bee colony: every employee knows exactly what to do, the team sticks together even in challenging times, works precisely and reliably, adapts quickly to external circumstances and produces a product that is simply exceptional. “Cohesion” is seen by the employees as the most important corporate value – As a sign of the importance of this value and as a contribution to nature, there have been four beehives on the company premises since summer 2021, which the SIBU DESIGN team looks after together.

Employees removing the wax layer from the combs

Sustainability in interiors

With the development of the unique product line “NATURE-LINE”, a new milestone was reached in the area of sustainability. The products are FSC® (FSC C172111)-certified and consist of a natural fibre backing and an impregnated cellulose design layer. Featuring a high-quality acrylic adhesive layer, the panels are easy to shape and adhere to all substrates. The in-house developed NATURE-LINE is SIBU DESIGN’s answer to the sustainable interior products demanded by the market.


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