With our BATH ART MATT product line, we offer you an innovative solution for your very personal bathroom design. The timeless, modern decors leave room for sophisticated design concepts. At the same time, the products are ideal for new construction and renovation projects thanks to their easy handling and dirt-free, quick assembly.

Advantages of BATH ART MATT

The matt large decorative panels from the BATH ART MATT product line are the quick and at the same time elegant solution for the entire bathroom. You can use it to line all walls in wet rooms – including the shower – without any worries. The BATH ART MATT products combine the highest standards of design and quality with the simplest assembly.

Special, unique designs

The products from the BATH ART MATT product line are subtle and yet special. The harmonious color tones and distinctive structures make the designs unique and blend in wonderfully with sophisticated design concepts. This is how you give your feel-good bathroom that special something and still experience daily how easy to care for the materials are.

Useful information:

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Quality from Austria:

BATH ART MATT stands for the highest quality right from the start: strict controls of the raw materials, the most modern production processes and reliable delivery logistics. Sustainability is the top priority throughout the value chain – we produce exclusively in Austria.

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You will be surprised how easy it is to clean the BATH ART MATT decorative panels due to their material properties. You can use commercial bathroom and limescale cleaners without abrasives for cleaning.

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Product configuration:

The base material is a polyvinyl chloride sheet, followed by a polyurethane adhesive. The surface is available with a smooth or pronounced structure and consists of a matt, particularly abrasion-resistant ABS/PMMA layer.


Small bathroom lined with seamless gray design panels with wood texture and smooth combined


Spacious bathroom with beige and white wall panels

Product: BA Sesame matt AR HPVC & BA TIMBER Jet Stream matt AR HPVC

Textured shower panels in light gray in a modern bathroom

Product: BA TIMBER Pale Grey matt AR HPVC

Bathroom with wall in concrete look

Material requirements for renovation and new construction

You want to design or renovate your bathroom with design panels from the BATH ART MATT collection? That’s what you need:

  • Design panel from the BATH ART MATT collection
  • Glue (more information on this in the data sheet)
  • Neutral sanitäry silicone sanitary silicone for joints and sealing
  • Tools: Tape measure, spirit level, jigsaw or hand-held circular saw, carbide crown drill, aluminum lath, screw clamps, cordless screwdriver, hole saw, scraper, file, cloths, wallpaper roller, marker, work table, surface cleaner

Preparing the substrate for new construction, renovation and with existing tiles

New construction

The substrate preparation must be carried out according to the relevant country-specific standards in the bathroom and wet area. This includes, among other things, the compensation of holes and unevenness, professional priming as well as proper surface and transition sealing and the sealing of all fittings.



Disassembly of sanitary items such as fittings, shower rails, etc. Thoroughly clean or degrease the surface and remove any mold or bacterial infestation. A primer must be applied to existing tiles. The renewal of the existing, flexible maintenance joint between the shower tray/bathtub and the tiled wall is also an absolute necessity.

Step-by-step assembly instructions

In the following videos you can see the complete installation of the BATH ART MATT decorative panels for new buildings and renovations explained step by step.




Video summary:

Step 1:

Take board dimensions on site and measure fitting outlets or other recesses precisely. When using profiles, take the profile dimensions into account.


Step 2:

Allow space for a 3-4 mm silicone joint at the board edge and in all recesses. Transfer the dimensions to the design plate.

Step 3:

For a straight cut, it is helpful to fix the design panel and saw with a fine saw blade. The processing is always to be carried out from the decor side.

Step 4:

Drill cut-outs for valve outlets using a suitable drill before gluing. Then deburr all cut edges.

Step 5:

When using profiles, it is advisable to fix them to the substrate in advance using adhesive.

Step 6:

Surface bonding with two-component polyurethane tile adhesive or strand bonding with polymer hybrid adhesive.

Step 7:

Put the board in position without drying time and then press it vertically onto the prepared substrate with a soft wallpaper roller.

Step 8:

After the adhesive has hardened (according to the adhesive data sheet), the joints and recesses must be carefully sealed with silicone.

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