Cleaning of the design panels

Cleaning the design panels

Depending on the material and the degree of staining our decorative panels can be cleaned. In the following text you can find an overview with tips and tricks on how to best remove various degrees of soiling from the respective product group.

In case of very heavy soiling or questions about cleaning, you are also welcome to contact us. You will find the contact details below.

Two hands in white gloves wiping a plate with a green cleaning cloth

Cleaning of the individual product groups:


For these product groups, cleaning with a soft cleaning cloth is recommended for light soiling (the cloth must be free of dust and dirt).

For the removal of heavy soiling, commercially available plastic or window cleaners are suitable. These should not be sprayed directly onto the surface, but onto the cleaning cloth.


The surfaces of our LEATHER-LINE decorative panels are best cleaned using commercially available liquid soap. Be sure to remove the soap afterwards with a damp cloth.


Stains caused by oil, grease and ink must be removed immediately. To do this, dab the stain with an absorbent cloth and then clean with a mild soap solution.

For smaller stains, it is usually sufficient to vacuum the surfaces.


You will be surprised how easy it is to clean the BATH ART MATT decorative panels due to their material. For cleaning, you can use commercially available bath and lime cleaners without abrasives.

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