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Decor panels with high design standards and Austrian quality

Photo of the company from the perspective of flight

SIBU DESIGN is a leading manufacturer of high quality interior decorative panels. They are specially developed for interior design, furniture manufacture and retail. SIBU DESIGN scores with trendy decors, high-quality processing, as well as short delivery times and additionally offers high flexibility for just-in-time projects.

Sustainability is always the top priority, from the strict selection of raw material, to the most modern manufacturing processes, to reliable delivery logistics.

SIBU DESIGN produces exclusivly in Austria and guarantees 100% PVC-free surfaces.

Our mission? We create ambience

With our art of laminating, we unite beauty and function by combining different materials.
Always customer-oriented and flexible, we manufacture design elements of outstanding
quality and thus ensure unique spatial experiences.

Company details

Year of foundation: 1984
Employees: 40
CEO: Julian Theisen MSc
Stock desings: over 150
Product developments/year: over 50

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Julian Theisen MSc


+43 7256 / 6025 0

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