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Decorative panels for extravagant hotel & bar design

Small modern lobby with textured wall panels and high-gloss marble-look reception desk

Products: SL NOTCH Smoke PF AR

Hotel or restaurant owners are challenged to leave a premanent impression on their guests when creating or renovating their premises. Besides a good customer service the visual aspect is included as well. The goal should be to create an authentic atmosphere that suits the overall concept and where the guests feel comfortable.

Of course, many aspects have to be considered, such as the durability of the selected design elements or building regulations, in order to finally meet all requirements not only visually but also functionally.

Make a lasting impression with SIBU DESIGN panels.

Varied designs

Make your guests remember you by giving your premises a unique character and turn walls, ceilings, receptions, corridors or furniture into extraordinary eye-catchers. Whether marble decors in high-gloss or matt, structured design panels with a particularly appealing feel, velvet designs with a soft-touch effect or classy leather looks – we offer a diverse range of designs to optimally highlight the style of a hotel/restaurant.

Time is money

Whether it’s a new building or a renovation, it’s important to get the premises finished quickly in order to welcome guests. All our design panels are in stock and can be provided within no time. Furthermore, the installation of the sheets is very easy, as well as dirt and dust-free – so nothing stands in the way of a fast (re)opening.

Fire regulations

In order to fullfill the fire safety standards in public areas, we offer a range of flame-retardant products specially developed for this purpose. Therefore critical areas like corridors & escape routes can also be equipped with visually unique designs.

For the processing and product installation of SIBU DESIGN panels, only a few aspects need to be considered. You can find all the information in our processing instructions.

Even more advantages for the hotel & catering industry

Freestanding kitchen island in a bistro, clad with textured decorative panels with pronounced wood grain

Design panels in the wet room
Products of the BATH ART MATT collection, can be used even in the shower. During renovation, the design panels can be glued onto existing tiles.

Freestanding kitchen island in a bistro, clad with textured decorative panels with pronounced wood grain

Flame retardant
When “normally flammable” is no longer sufficient, but regulations require “flame retardant” materials – our specially developed flame-retardant (FR) program is used.

Freestanding kitchen island in a bistro, clad with textured decorative panels with pronounced wood grain

Durable use
To ensure that your premises remain a visual highlight over the years, we offer coated design panels with high abrasion resistance (AR) as well as scratch-resistant design panels (AR+) for particularly stressed used areas.

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