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Decorative panels as eye-catcher in shopwindow and display

Clothing store with interior from a dazzling colorful decor

Product: DM Hollywood; Photo: Barbara Medo

The usefulness of shopwindows and displays for sales promotion was already discovered in the 18th century in Paris and both have become indispensable in today’s world. Nowadays, a shopwindow and also a product presenter must stand out and be extraordinary in order not to be ignored in the mass of stores.

But just being eye-catching is usually not enough anymore – the displays have to be authentic and match the brand – in the best case they have to send a clear message to attract the right customers to the store. In addition to a clear brand strategy, this also requires creativity and access to a wide range of extraordinary materials.

SIBU DESIGN panels for optimal product presentation

Stand out with individual designs

Our comprehensive range of fancy decors offers a wide selection and ensures that your brand message is given in the best possible way. In addition to the latest trend colours and shapes, aesthetics and realistic designs are especially important to us in our in-house product development. Those who need even more individualisation, benefit from the additional processing options. So many products can be excellently printed and allow maximum design possibilities.

Time saving through preassembly

Do you need a particular format, cut-to-size or punched component? Are interested in self-adhesive or magnetic decorative panels? Or want to get a decor of your choice already individually printed? We offer you a varied range of prefabricated variants. According to your taste, we can deliver everything time-saving from one single source, or advise you in detail about further processing options.

Carefree coordination

The same concept in all branches is often a complex matter. We are used to these challenges and are happy to take care of logistics and shipping – so you have the design panels in the right place at the right time. The light weight and flexibility of the sheets also allow a parcel shipment with rolled sheets and makes the handling easier where deliveries on pallets are difficult. We live customer service and assist you with fast information and response times.

For processing and product installation of SIBU DESIGN panels, only a few important aspects need to be considered. You can find all the information in our processing instructions.


Get more information on the following areas

Shopwindow jeans hanging on a ladder with reflective rattan look mirrored textured panel behind it

Sustainable decorative panels: NATURE-LINE
A combination of certified paper surfaces and a specially developed natural fiber support enables an expansion joint free end to end adhesion with sustainable design sheets. Visually a highlight & good for the environment.

Shopwindow jeans hanging on a ladder with reflective rattan look mirrored textured panel behind it

Individualise through printing
If logo, special patterns – through digital or screen printing even more individual effects can be achieved. We will be happy to advise you on suitable printing processes or can also offer you already printed design panels.

Shopwindow jeans hanging on a ladder with reflective rattan look mirrored textured panel behind it

SIBU DESIGN decorative panels can be punched as desired. Seasonal products like stars, leaves but also logos can be perfectly realized with punching tools. We will be happy to do this for you.

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