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product caracteristics

To answer your questions as quickly as possible, our team has worked out a technical table with product characteristics, extra equipment and much more for each of our products:

As a base material we use a specially developed, highly impact resistant polystyrene type (HIPS). HIPS distinguish particularly by robustness, high impact and a very low weight. For the cutting on site a standard wallpaper knife is effectual. For our ACRYLIC-LINE we use as a base material ABS with acrylic surface. With PUNCH-LINE 3D products we use HIPS with background foil from A-PET.


In a changeable world we focus on lastingness and high standards by using 100% PVC-free surfaces. We make a distinction between:

• Polyurethane synthetic leather surfaces (PU)
• Polyester imitation fur surfaces (PET)
• Metallized surfaces (PET)
• Special coloration (PET-varnish)
• Printed surfaces (Print)
• Acrylic surfaces (PMMA)

All variations are optically outstanding and also fascinate by their unique haptics. They correspond to the highest demands and they are suited especially for the interior area.

The given material thicknesses refer to the stock program in non adhesive (NA) and self adhesive (SA) version.

SA means that the design sheet is equipped with adhesive at the back. For this we use high-quality acrylic adhesive substance or synthesis rubber (PUNCH-LINE 3D, MultiStyle). Self-adhesive (SA) sheets are ideally suited to non-absorbent surfaces such as coated MDF/chipboard, glass, metal, plastic, etc. However, they are unsuitable for use on ceilings. Our base material polystyrene is a thermoplastic material, therefore a slight expansion of the design sheet is to be considered (see processing instructions).

With the given data we define the highest position of the respective design in non-adhesive (NA) and adhesive (SA) version.

TEMPERATURE STABILITYWe supply to more than 70 countries in the world and have nearly everywhere special climate situation. Therefore we test our material under the hardest conditions. Already during development stage our SIBU design sheets are tested in special thermo-containers stuck on ground as well as unstuck with high temperatures and high air humidity.

Only the very best qualities correspond to our strict directives. The given data of the temperature stability refer to the lasting application of the product stuck on different grounds and to the long-term using temperature also without adhesion.

An exposure of SIBU design sheets to humid areas is given when a design sheet is subjected to short term humidity condition. This humidity condition can occur by reason of high air humidity or by direct sprinkling water. SIBU design sheets are not suited for the direct wet space area as well as for long-term wet influence.

●●●● Wet room suitability

●●●○ Wet room suitability, but material reacts more sensitively to sprinkling water g removing of moisture is recommended.

Products with marked abrasion resistance show an extremely scratch resistant surface. Our technology team already tests the products during development process to be able to offer the matching product for each of your demands.

●●●●●●excellent abrasion resistance ●●●○○○normal abrasion resistance
●●●●●○very good abrasion resistance●●○○○○low abrasion resistance
●●●●○○good abrasion resistance

Owing to the many differing printing and colour systems, customers must carry out a printing test. The result will depend on the respective motif. We will be pleased to provide original samples for testing.

SIBU guideline values:
PRD    digital printing possible
PRS    screen printing possible
PR+    digital/screen printing possible
PR+*   digital/screen printing possible, prior to printing a corona or plasma, treatment has to be carried out.
           By request available in pre-treated version.
PRS*   screen printing possible, prior to printing a corona or plasma, treatment has to be carried out.
           By request available in pre-treated version.

Basically our design sheets are packed flat on pallets. However, in order to dispatch small consignments as favourably as possible, we have developed a packaging carton in which many of our design sheets can be packed rolled as well. Design sheets in non adhesive (NA) version are rolled with the decor side outwardly and design sheets in self adhesive version (SA) are rolled with the glue side outwardly. We recommend rolling maximum 3 pieces from product group LEATHER-LINE per carton and for all other decors maximum 6 pieces per carton.

After receipt, rolled goods should be laid out flat for around 24 hours at room temperature and if necessary, subjected to additional weight.

We are aware of the fact that not always you can use our standard stock articles for your intended application and offer for you special extra equipment.


The products from the stock program correspond to the fire safety regulations according to DIN 4102 B2, excluded products ACRYLIC-LINE (standard UL 94). NA versions of the marked products () are available in flame retardant version on request, on a different carrier material. Certificates of the following norms are given: DIN 4102 B1, ÖNORM A3800, class M1 and class M2. Info sheets on demand!

In addition to the standard sizes given in the OVERVIEW we offer with pleasure individually adapted product dimensions.

Responding to your request we produce our DECO-LINE and PUNCH-LINE in thicknesses between 0.8 and 4.0 mm.

You want to get customized sheets or cuttings? Please contact us that we can offer the best possible solution to you. With a cutting length up to 3.2 meter and a punching and sawing length up to 3 meter we are able to meet your requirements and needs promptly.

All SIBU design sheets are available with a magnetic back from 3 pieces onwards. Exception - all LL ROMBO, LL QUADRO and CR CRISTAL ROMBO.

SIBU magnetic foils are suitable on different metallic grounds and on magnetic colours. The exchange of design sheets thereby becomes a child‘s play! The application fields for the new SIBU DESIGN magnetic program are nearly unlimited – for shop-window decoration, shop fitting and fair design or in the furniture area, decoration field and for all kinds of displays.

Our SIBU decoration mirror DM Silver in magnetic version is available from stock in two sheet sizes 2600x990x1.5 and 2000x990x1.5: • DM Silver Magnetic 2600x990x1,5 (Art.No. 15903)• DM Silver Magnetic 2000x990x1,5 (Art.No. 15904)

Temperature stability: up to 50°C Cutting: The cut has to be carried out always from the decor side. Fire rating class B2 (DIN 4102).

In order to be suited to PUR/ PVA bonding, SIBU design sheets have to be pre-treated according to material thickness on the reverse side either by an additional production process or customer-sided grinding (using sandpaper - granulation 80).

Being able to carry out this pre-treatment for you in our factory, we absolutely need this information together with your order.