NATURE-LINE: sustainable and joint-free

Bedroom with dark wooden floor and a wall with panels in reddish wood look

Product: DM Corten Nature

In the past, SIBU DESIGN has always paid attention to a resource-saving use of materials, but with the NATURE-LINE it is taking a further step towards “plastic-free“.

With the self-adhesive products of the NATURE-LINE, sustainable materials from controlled origin are combined with modern design. Due to the generous product format, large surfaces can be designed quickly, easily & dirt-free. The result: homogeneous & joint-free walls that are not only visually attractive but also environmentally friendly.

The extremely low weight of only 2.2 kg per panel does not only save weight during the transport. Also during the installation, the weight guarantees easy handling, so that one person is enough to beautify any room.

Processing of the NATURE-LINE


The products of the NATURE-LINE are available as standard with a self-adhesive finish and can be processed on all substrates without expansion joints. The substrate must be dry, smooth, free of loose parts, dust, dirt, grease, wax and silicone. Never mount SIBU DESIGN panels on uneven surfaces, as this may result in a loss of visual quality. To achieve maximum adhesion, non-absorbent surfaces must always be cleaned with alcohol (ethanol, isopropyl alcohol).


Mechanical processing:

must always be done from the decor surface. The products can be easily cut with a wallpaper knife on site.



  • Remove the adhesive cover step by step, avoiding contact with the adhesive surface and press as firmly as possible onto the subsurface. (Absolutely avoid the formation of bubbles / air pockets)
  • For large areas, it is best to use a medium-hard rubber hand roller with a width of approx. 170 mm.
  • The final adhesion is reached after 24 hours at room temperature.

Optionally, the NATURE-LINE products can be offered non-adhesive (NA) or magnetic, depending on the application requirements.

In addition, we can equip the NATURE-LINE panels with a specially developed adhesive to mount the decorative sheets directly onto the ceiling.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these applications.

Fanned out various decor panels of the NATURE-LINE with natural look and feel

Product: NATURE-LINE, Photo: raumprobe

NATURE-LINE materials used

FSC Logo with SIBU DESIGN licence number

FSC Logo with SIBU DESIGN licence number

NATURE-LINE decorative panels consist of a backing material made of wood or natural fibre, a surface made of impregnated paper, and a high-quality acrylate adhesive.

A special feature of this sustainable material combination is that the NATURE-LINE products are FSC® certified.

Besides that, they can be easily disposed of with waste paper and therefore recylced.

Hand with a decorative panel in reddish wood look

Product: DM Corten Nature, Photo: raumprobe

Close up of a decor in wood look

Equipment of the back of the decorative panel

Non-adhesive (NA), self-adhesive (SA) or magnetic. We offer the right version for every application area optimally support your realisations.

Close up of a decor in wood look

Magnetic finish & Metal-Foil

In this article you will get to know everything about the magnetic equipment of the decorative panel, suitable substrates as well as the installation.

Close up of a decor in wood look

Flame retardant (FR)

When “normally flammable” is no longer sufficient, but regulations require “flame retardant” materials – our specially developed flame-retardant ( FR) programme is used.

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