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about us

SIBU history since 1984

Since the beginning of the New Year Mr. Julian Theisen is our new CEO. Mr. Theisen was our head of sales and also leading business development and brings along many years of experiences from different international companies.

Product introduction of SIBU l BATH ART:
Savour sophisticated surface patterns from SIBU DESIGN throughout your bathroom!

Product introduction of SIBU I BOARD COLLECTION and of the OPTICAL l MIRROR:
SIBU l BOARD COLLECTION, offers for the first time fashionable SIBU DESIGN patterns available on ready-pressed MDF boards.
OPTICAL l MIRROR - experience the SIBU Design novelty at the mirror sector. Highest mirror quality on 1 mm PS, without distortion, in high brilliance, scratch-resistant, UV-stable, shatterproof, low weight.


The ANTIGRAV production innovation. This product is extremely light and can be bonded without any expansion joints. Online version - OVERVIEW Version 4 - with integrated technical section in four languages.


Managerial change at SIBU DESIGN. In January 2016, the executive management is transferred to Mr. Herold Barbato, a long-term business partner, who thus becomes the CEO and an additional shareholder.  


Introduction of the new and complete INSPIRATIONS catalogue with original samples that also include all stock goods. New OVERVIEW Version 3 complete catalogue - with integrated technical section in four languages.

Enlargement of the SibuGlas product line and the market launch of SIBU Trend 1.4.

Introduction of the Design³ concept with the launch of the two new SIBU Glas and Soft-Leather product lines. SIBU’s 3-in-1 styling concept combines three differing materials in the same design. This results in multifarious styling variations with a consistent look. 

Introduction of THE CUBE, a new, complete catalogue that includes original samples of the entire stock range. This is matched by the OVERVIEW Version 2 photographic brochure, which also covers the full stock programme and has an integrated technical section in seven languages.

New technical features: DECO-LINE products with abrasion-resistant surfaces, magnetic design sheets and ABS PMMA ACRYLIC-LINE patterned sheets with high-gloss surfaces are presented. A new photo brochure, "THE BOOK" is published for the first time with pictures of applications from the fields of furniture, fashion, architecture/design and displays.

Characterized by modernization. An extensive relaunch of our round, orange-coloured logo as a simplified, clear logotype in black and white is undertaken. All advertising materials are updated during this process and the new, complete "ORIGINALS" catalogue, which is divided into colour worlds, is presented. The "News" in this year show vintage-look products with metal and rust effects for the first time, as well as additional leather structures.
The possibilities for bonding SIBU products are expanded with PVA/PUR adhesives and in addition SIBU DESIGN focuses on sustainability, switching all its leather products to entirely PVC-free synthetic leather (PU).

Launch of leather products in glossy gold, platinum and aubergine looks. MultiStyle products are offered from stock for the first time in a 2,600x1,000 mm format. Introduction of artificial fur and leather surfaces with inset crystals.
The fashion/retail and window decoration market is promoted, leading fashion clients are obtained.

Launch of the ROMBO product line – synthetic leather with foam and genuine seam look, as well as the first profiles with a leather look.

News 2007 product launch with LEATHER-LINE patterns in floral, crocodile, ostrich and iguana designs. Creation of an in-company marketing and design department.

Market launch of top quality, synthetic leather surfaces, as well as iguana patterns under the name "LEATHER-LINE".

Market launch of textured Touch 1 surfaces in our DECO-LINE product group. Introduction of the new, complete "Panoptikum" catalogue with original samples.

Change of name from Siro-Burg Design to SIBU DESIGN.

Market launch of SIBU PUNCH-LINE and PUNCH-LINE 3D perforated pattern sheets.

Market launch of the SIBU STRUCTURE-LINE for furniture and interior design.

Launch of thin SIBU foils with a thickness of less than 1mm for the display, thermo-forming and decoration areas. Receipt of the Pegasus Industry Prize.

50 per cent plant enlargement. Receipt of the 1995 EU Export Prize.

Siro-Burg Design products used worldwide in 45 countries.

Market launch of top quality, plastic mirror inserts for installation in wood panels.

Start of in-company polystyrene mirror sheet production under the name
"Deco Mirror" (later "DECO-LINE").

The newly built plant in Ternberg becomes operational.

Market launch of mosaic mirrors under the name "Multistyle", worldwide supply of the furniture industry, sheet retailers and display producers.

The company is founded under the name Siro-Burg Design.