Particularly robust decorative panels

Particularly robust decorative panels

Since SIBU DESIGN panels are used areas of use, we have developed decorative panels with different surface finishes. Thus, on the one hand we offer panels that are only used for a short time and do not have to comply with any special standards, on the other hand, we also offer decorative panels that remain in use for years and must therefore be especially robust.

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Recognize abrasion resistance of the design panels

You can find the respective abrasion resistance of a product in the technical product table. There, we have introduced a point system by means of an internal test procedure. The more points a product has, the more abrasion resistant it is.

Surfaces with excellent abrasion resistance have the abbreviation “AR” in the product name and scratch-resistant products can be recognized directly by the abbreviation “AR+“.



Auflistung der unterschiedlichen Abriebbeständigkeit pro  Produkt

Punkteskala der unterschiedlichen Abriebbeständigkeit der Produkte

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Flame retardant design panels

When “normally flammable” is no longer sufficient, but regulations require “flame retardant” materials – our specially developed flame-retardant ( FR) program is used.

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Features of the back of the decorative panel

Non-adhesive (NA), self-adhesive (SA) or magnetic. We offer the right version for every area of application to optimally support your implementation.

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Magnetic equipment & metal foil

In this article you will learn everything about the magnetic equipment of the decorative panel, suitable substrates as well as installation.

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