FAQ area

FAQ area

On this page we have collected some questions and answers about our products, processing and delivery and summarized them for you.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us – we are looking forward to your inquiry!

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General FAQ

What does SIBU DESIGN do?

We are a manufacturer of decorative panels that can be used in many different areas. Discover all the industries we supply or find out more about SIBU DESIGN.

Where can I order samples or folders?

Directly from our partner companies.

Where can I buy the products?

We have distributors in many countries. Click here to find a distributor in your country.

Can I also have a look at the decorative panels on site?

Yes. Simply make an appointment with our sales departement.

I can’t find an article on the website.

On our website you can find the current stock programme. Discontinued items are marked by us. In the product overview you can also filter the markings . If you are looking for older designs, please contact us. We may still have remaining stock or we might be able to produce the product again for you.

I would like to become a dealer/partner of SIBU DESIGN

That’s our pleasure. Please contact us directly.

Can I pay by credit card?

At the moment we do not offer credit card payment.

Delivery FAQ

What are the delivery times?

Our stock panels can normally be sent within 2-3 working days. However, this also depends on the selected equipment. For individual information, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Is it possible to receive my consignment by express delivery?

Yes, express delivery is available on request.

Is there a tracking for my order and where can I find the tracking number?

If the order was sent with a trackable service, you will find the tracking number on the invoice. For all other deliveries, it’s best to call us directly or write an email.

Product FAQ

Can SIBU DESIGN panels be used outdoors?

No! SIBU DESIGN panels are only suitable for indoor use.

What does “NA”, “SA” or “MAG” mean in the product name?

NA = non-adhesive, SA = self-adhesive MAG = magnetic. Read all differences of the decor panel backings here.

What do “AR” and “AR+” mean in the product name?

AR = very good abrasion resistance, AR+ = scratch resistant. Find out more about our sepcially abrasion-resistant products here.

What does “PVA” mean in the product name?

The decor sheet has already been pre-treated by SIBU DESIGN for the pressing process (e.g. on MDF) (not visible to the naked eye). Sanding the panel is therefore no longer necessary. However, please consider the recommended processing time. Learn more about PVA pre-treatment here.

Are special sizes possible?

Mostly yes. Please refer to the technical spreadsheet of the respective product to see if a special size can be offered.

Are customised decors or colours possible?

Mostly yes. Please contact us about it.

Processing FAQ

Can SIBU DESIGN panels be installed by myself?

Yes, it is best to use our processing instructions and find out in advance on the respective product page whether the desired work step can be done.

What is the difference between absorbent and non-absorbent substrates?

Non-absorbent substrates can be identified by dripping a drop of water onto the surface – if this does not soak in but remains on the surface, it is a non-absorbent substrate. Non-absorbent substrates are e.g. coated MDF/chipboard, glass, metal, plastic.

For which product groups expansion joints need to be considered?

Basically for all product groups except products of the “ANTIGRAV” and “NATURE-LINE” group. Find out more here.