SIBU DESIGN at a glance with the SIBU-BOX

SIBU DESIGN at a glance with the SIBU-BOX

Contents of the SIBU BOX 2024 lined up next to each other

SIBU DESIGN offers you an unmatched variety of ideas with a stock programme of over 150 different designs divided into 8 product groups.

So there is a suitable decor for every taste and every application area. And if you have a special request, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will do our best to implement it according to your wishes.

In order to offer all our stock designs available at a glance, we have created our SIBU-BOX. This tool includes samples of the complete SIBU DESIGN stock programme and thus makes the creation of possible combinations as well as working with existing color and structure concepts easier. If you need a larger sample for your selection, please feel free to contact us.

Black SIBU box with different patterns in front of it

Matching edges:

For many of our decors, we offer design matching ABS or PMMA edges in different thicknesses. There is an edge flyer in our SIBU boxes. If you are interested, we will gladly send you the desired edge sample book with the available designs.

More information about this can be found in our blog post.

Detailed view of edge fans with different patterns

Brochures & Flyers:

SIBU World in black stand
Guideline catalogue in black stand
Image folder in black stand

SIBU World:

The SIBU World contains a detailed presentation of all SIBU DESIGN product groups including application areas.



Our GUIDELINE gives you a compact overview of the processing (substrate, finish, expansion joint, etc.) of our products.


SIBU Image Folder:

Get all the information about SIBU DESIGN as a company and our products and get great inspiration from our application images.


You can also download them digitally:

Cover picture SIBU WORLD

SIBU World

Presentation of SIBU DESIGN product groups including application areas

Item number - A3 format: 25290
Item number - A5 format: 25292

[8 MB]

Guideline Cover page


Overview of processing options per product group

[347 KB]

SIBU Image Folder

SIBU DESIGN - general folder
Item number: 24497

[855 KB]

SIBU Magnetic Board:

Our SIBU Magnetic Board offers a wide range of applicaton with its modern design. Whether in the office or in the living room, it is super practical and looks great at the same time.

Sample stock programme:

In our SIBU Box, you will furthermore receive all samples from our stock programme in the size of 110×115mm, divided according to the product groups.

Get your own impression of our unique decors and discover the extraordinary haptic and structure. Combine different colors and designs according to your taste or find the perfect combination to an existing surface.

Magnetic Board in black stand
SIBU BOX Detailed view of the included samples

Pattern Boards:

In addition to the samples from our stock programme, you will also get two sample boards in A5 size. The decors shown are to be understood as examples, the decors may vary.

Detailed view of two Design Boards lying on a white background

Magnetic pattern and metal foil:

Furthermore you will receive a sample of a panel with MAGNETIC equipment and one of our self-adhesive metal foils, which can be easily cut to size with scissors and applied to various substrates.

Decorative sheets with a MAGNETIC finish are perfect for frequent redecoration, where surfaces must be protected, dirt prevention is a must and where only a small budget for decoration is available. Whether in the shop window area, in the booth construction and shopfitting or in the furniture, decor and display area, the use of the SIBU DESIGN MAGNETIC range is almost unlimited.

More information in the blog post.

Metal foil front view