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Silky matt design surfaces, combined with excellent abrasion resistance, make the OPACO-LINE essential for interiors with high design standards.

The OPACO-LINE impresses with longevity thanks to extremely abrasion-resistant surfaces, noble and matt stone decors and silky matt soft-touch effect.




tl_files/uploads/Messelogos/Review Mailling SICAM 2019_.jpg

A quick look back at the “ARCHITECT@WORK” in Paris!

The stands were fully booked and the quality of the products and innovations on display was impressive.
Thanks to the innovative materials, a large number of well-known architects and designers could also be welcomed to the fair.
The security concept regarding the Covid-19 situation was implemented professionally and nevertheless in a dignified framework. Both exhibitors and visitors could feel absolutely safe and calmly browse through the high-quality materials and have interesting conversations.

We at SIBU DESIGN were extremely satisfied with the service provided by the organization and with the high number of new contacts. We see ourselves absolutely confirmed in the fact that we have already booked further events of this organization as exhibitors.

Au revoir Paris! Nous aimerions revenir!

Ihr SIBU-Team


tl_files/uploads/innovations/Header SIBU COVID-19 Virus.jpg

The BATH ART MATT is the matt version of our proven SIBU BATH ART.

Now you can experience SIBU DESIGN products, which combine the highest design and quality standards, in a matt version in your shower cabin.  The water and steam resistance of the product allows the application in the entire bathroom.
Whether a renovation or a new project, BATH ART MATT products provide a time saving and innovative solution for your very personal bathroom design.




tl_files/uploads/innovations/Header SIBU COVID-19 Virus.jpg

The FABRIC-LINE - smart and contemporary - offers a diverse range of different textiles.

The interplay of the haptic properties, structures and colours creates a unique multi-sensory experience.
The FABRIC-LINE as ANTIGRAV can be processed without expansion joints and also has a positive effect on the room acoustic.



| SIBU CARE - For your COVID-19 safety measure

tl_files/uploads/innovations/Header SIBU COVID-19 Virus.jpg

Partition walls for safe working in the office and cash desk area

■  Highly transparent synthetic material           

■  Minimalistic design

■  Simple plug-in system

■  High resistance to disinfecting agents

■  Space-saving storage

■  Quality made in Austria

Item number 22066:
SIBU CARE XL - 900 x 700 x 300mm, Weight: 2,1kg
€ 94,-

Item number 22065:
SIBU CARE L - 700 x 700 x 250mm, Weight: 1,5kg
€ 74,-

Item number 22075:
SIBU CARE M - 700 x 500 x 250mm, Weight: 1,3kg
€ 69,-

Further sizes: available upon request!

SIBU CARE Flyer Shopanwendung
SIBU CARE Flyer Büroanwendung


| SIBU DESIGN информация для клиентов в связи с вирусом COVID-19

tl_files/uploads/innovations/Header SIBU COVID-19 Virus.jpg

SIBU DESIGN информация для клиентов в связи с вирусом COVID-19

Уважаемые деловые Партнеры фирмы SIBU,

Население Австрии должно принять дополнительные меры для дальнейшего ограничения распространения вируса COVID-19.

Чтобы максимально поддержать эти мероприятия, мы сокращаем наше производство. Мы просим Вашего понимания, что эти меры могут привести к увеличению сроков производства и ответов на запросы.

Наша команда, как обычно, с понедельника по четверг к Вашим услугам, но по пятницам фирма будет закрыта.

Мы постараемся, чтобы эти ограничения, как можно меньше были Вам заметны. Однако, чтобы избежать возможных задержек в поставках, просим Вас размещать свои заказы как можно раньше.

Мы благодарим Вас за понимание в такое время, когда мы все должны заботиться друг о друге, и внимательно относиться друг к другу.

Мы желаем Вас всего наилучшего.


| A new management at SIBU DESIGN


New Year, New Management

Dear SIBU business partners,
We wish you a Happy New Year: all the best, success and health for 2020.

At the beginning of the new year we would like to inform you about a change in our SIBU management. Since the beginning of this month Mr. Julian Theisen is our new CEO.

Mr. Theisen was our head of sales and also leading business development and brings along many years of experiences from different international companies.
He is looking forward to his new duties, to good cooperation and exciting projects.

All the best!
SIBU Design



INTERZUM 2019 – it was a pleasure!

In May it was time again – we presented our impressing novelties in Cologne.

It was delightful to receive this massive response to our brand new velvet products the SIBU FABRIC LINE - it became, literally, a focus point. Many interesting contacts were made and we were actively working on new projects with our consisting partners.

Especially attractive for our visitors were our self designed furniture pieces, of course, made out of our SIBU products.

We want to thank all of our visitors for constructive conversations and we are looking forward to realising many upcoming projects!

Your SIBU-Team

| SIBU DESIGN published in the Hotel magazine SPACE


published in the international hotel magazine SPACE
Edition 5 I 18

| SIBU DESIGN at the EuroShop 2017

tl_files/uploads/sonstiges/Messeleiste EUROSHOP 2017.jpg

EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf – the trade fair for shop design and shop fitting.

Earlier this month, our sophisticated exhibition stand magically attracted the attention of prospective customers and became the scene of terrific conversations.

Possible new applications were not only discussed but designed right away. At EuroShop, it showed once again that we properly discern the pulse of the times with our designs and developments.

We were perfectly pleased with the success of the trade fair and its large number of visitors and are looking forward to new challenging projects in the future.

In a nutshell: After the trade fair is before the trade fair! We will be back in 2020!

Ihr SIBU-Team.