Colourful beehive standing in a flowering meadow

Just like a bee colony, SIBU DESIGN does not function without cohesion. Therefore, this is also our most important value and determines our daily actions and all decisions that are made. In order to set an example for the importance of this value, we decided in summer 2021 to look after a beehive with around 20,000 bees on the company premises in Ternberg. Our bees work hard and lead a distinctive social life, where everyone has a specific task, which they carry out in an extremely conscientious and well-organised manner. This is comparable to our team spirit.

We are also happy to be able to make an important contribution to environmental protection with this project.

Beekeeper with honeycomb in hand
Imker mit Bienenwabe in der Hand
Beekeeper disassembling the hive

Our beekeeper

Our colleague Werner has received a lot of knowledge about beekeeping from his father since he was a child. Actually, he only wanted to return to beekeeping when he retired, but as the saying goes, opportunities are there to be seized. So, with heart and mind, he looks after our meanwhile 40,000 busy little bees and makes sure that they stay healthy. To keep up to date with the latest knowledge, he regularly attends courses on various topics, such as hygiene in the beehive, through the Beekeeping Association.

Detail shot bee on blackberry blossom
Honeycomb close-up with many bees on it
Bee on dandelion flower
Honeycomb, on which numerous bees sit

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