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Aesthetic design panels for sliding doors

Sliding door cabinet with black textured wood decor panels

Product: SL DAKOTA Graphite Black matt

Whether as a space-saving alternative to the revolving door, flexible room divider or charming lamination of wall clostes, the sliding door is used more and more often in the interior design. Partly, the sliding door elements are kept very discreet to not attract attention in the room. However increasingly, it comes to exactly the opposite – to put the sliding door as a design element to draw attention.

This trend asks for more than the well-known plain colours white, cream or glass and sliding door manufacturers are faced with the challenge of using new thrilling materials for existing sliding door systems in order to finally turn a functional element into an eye-catcher for fancy room concepts.

SIBU DESIGN panels for sliding doors with WOW effect

Aesthetic design panels

Whether marble decors in high-gloss or matt, structured design sheets with an especially attractive haptic, velvet designs with a soft-touch effect, or classic leather looks – a variety of extravagant decors in a wide range of colours allow sliding doors to become the highlight of the room.

Easy processing

On order, we equip our design panels with a self-adhesive backside (SA). So the adhesion can be  done quickly by just one person. A dirt-free and fast installation is not an obstacle anymore.

Quick availability

All design panels are in stock and can be ordered from one sheet and therefore entirely without a minimum order quantity. This guarantees a particularly fast delivery time. For cut-to-size or self-adhesive equipment we also only need a few working days.

For the processing and product installation of SIBU DESIGN panels, only a few important aspects need to be considered. You can find all the information in our processing instructions.

Interesting for sliding door manufacturers:

Wall cabinet with textured vintage look decor panel as sliding door inlay.

Sustainable decorative panels: NATURE-LINE
A combination of certified paper surfaces and a specially developed natural fiber support enables an expansion joint free end to end adhesion with sustainable design sheets. Visually a highlight & good for the environment.

Wall cabinet with textured vintage look decor panel as sliding door inlay.

Durable use
To ensure that your sliding door remains a visual highlight over the years, we offer coated design panels with high abrasion resistance (AR) as well as scratch-resistant design sheets (AR+) for specially used areas.

Wall cabinet with textured vintage look decor panel as sliding door inlay.

Equipment of the decorative panel back
The basically non-adhesive decorative sheets can be equipped on order with a self-adhesive layer to make installations easier on existing sliding door systems.

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