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Extraordinary furniture fronts with SIBU DESIGN panels

textured white furniture fronts of a modern wall unit

Product: SL RAW Jet Stream matt AR

It’s no secret that white and cream coloured fronts dominate the market – but does it always have to be a painted smooth surface? Consumers are demanding more and more and have less and less interest in mass-produced goods.

But what is required? Starting with a wider selection of designs and colours to unusual textures that don’t only have a visual effect, but can actually be felt and thus appeal to several senses.

SIBU DESIGN: Partner for the furniture and furniture supply industry

Stand out from the crowd

Our comprehensive range of furniture panels offers a wide selection of different decors and creates a strong differentiation from standard lacquered surfaces. Whether marble decors in high-gloss or matt, structured design panels with a special appealing feel, or attractive leather looks – the decorative surfaces turn the pieces of furniture into design objects.

PVA / PUR pressing

Most of the design panels are suitable for pressing with white or PUR glue. If necessary, we increase the surface tension of the back of the decorative panel with a special pre-treatment. Our product range also includes suitable accessories such as balancing materials and ABS or PMMA  edges that match the design of the sheet

Don’t be afraid of new materials 

The backing material of our decorative panels mainly consists of polystyrene (HIPS). It is a specially manufactured synthetic material which is, compared to HPL, impact resistant and does not break or splinter. Processing is done with standard woodworking tools or machines.

For the processing and product installation of SIBU DESIGN panels, only a few important aspects need to be considered. You can find all the information in our processing instructions.


Get more information on the following areas

Freestanding kitchen island with brown high gloss marble fronts

Ordering pre-treated decor panels

In order to achieve a perfect surface tension of the back of the decorative sheet for pressing, the panels can be ordered pre-treated. When and how you can do the pre-treatment yourself, you will find out in this article.

Freestanding kitchen island with brown high gloss marble fronts

Pressing with PVA glue or PUR adhesive

To produce a furniture front with a decorative panel with material thicknesses of 1-4 mm, the design sheet must be pressed. All the steps that you need to consider you learn in this article.

Freestanding kitchen island with brown high gloss marble fronts

Matching edges

For most of the SIBU DESIGN panels we offer ABS or PMMA edges matching the design. As a result the entire furniture elements look as if they were made of one piece.

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