SIBU DESIGN panels printing

Printing SIBU DESIGN panels

Whether a logo or special patterns – with printing using a screen or digital printing process even more individual effects can be achieved.

In this article you will experience the differences and what you need to keep in mind in order to achieve a perfect printing result.

Shopwindow in red, shiny decor with lettering

Product: DM Fashion Red AR; Photo: FormFactory

Can all SIBU DESIGN panels be printed?

No, not all decors can be printed, but a very large number!  Tip: If you are looking for printable design panels, you can use our filter in the product overview.


In the technical spreadsheet you will also find information for each individual product whether a design is printable or not.

We classify here with the statements “yes”, “no” or “on request”.

yes: Our print tests were positive, which means that not only the print looks good, but it also passes an abrasion and test test
no: Our print tests were negative, which means that either the print did not convince visually, or various tests were not passed.
on request: our print tests were positive with additional treatments, or not all tests were passed to full satisfaction. In this case, please contact us so that we can advise you.

Patterns for compression tests

Even if we test our products, every printing and colour system is slightly different. For this reason, a customer print test must be done. The print result depends on the actual printing motive. Original samples for print tests will be gladly provided.

Please note that the final adhesion performance of the print will set in very slowly and can take up to one week on air-drying ( 20°C ).
Tip: For this reason, do not evaluate your print samples immediately after printing.

SIBU DESIGN will do the printing for you

If you want, we can do the printing for you. Therefore we only need your print motif and your granted authorization to use the print motif.

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