Magnetic finishing & Metal-Foil

Magnetic Equipment & Metal Foil

With our magnetic decorative panels, we offer a fast and sustainable solution to quickly change decorations. Whether in the store window area, in trade fair and store fitting or in the furniture, decor and display area, the use of the SIBU DESIGN MAGNETIC program is almost unlimited.

Rose gold front of honeycomb magnetic decorative plate

Front COMB with magnetic equipment

Back of the magnetic decorative plate in the shape of honeycomb

Back of the magnetic decorative panels

Two hands to attach the magnetic decorative plate in honeycomb shape on wall

Attach COMB with magnetic equipment

New look – made easy!

Decorative panels with MAGNETIC equipment are perfect when you are redecorating frequently, substrates must be protected, dirt prevention is a must and when only a small budget for decoration is available.

Product structure of magnetic decorative panels

Graphic with labeling of the individual layers of the magnetic decorative plate

Structure Magnetic Designplate

Magnetic reverse side of  a designplate on light underground

Magnetic reverse side


Decorative plate: from 0.80 mm to approx. 3.25 mm depending on product

adhesive: 0.13 mm

Magnetic foil: 0.50 mm

The suitable substrate

The SIBU DESIGN magnetic foils adhere to all suitable metallic substrates and to magnetic paints. If no suitable metallic surface is available, the self-adhesive SIBU DESIGN metal foil or magnetic paint can be used. If the effort of wielding the paint brush is too great, we recommend our strongly adhesive metal foil, which can be applied flexibly and very easily to load-bearing substrates.

Magnetic paint can also be applied to the wall relatively easily, but with more effort. Please note that depending on the metal content of the paint, you need to apply several layers to achieve sufficient adhesive strength. There is also the option of applying a single-color top coat over the magnetic paint, so the walls can also be kept in plain white and combined with one of our decorative panels as an eye-catcher.

Self-adhesive SIBU DESIGN metal foil as an alternative to real metal and magnetic paint

Rolled metal foil in anthracite on light background

Magnetic foil


is a strongly self-adhesive foil, which can be applied to various surfaces with little effort. Metal foil can be ordered in sheets (2.6 x 1 m) or rolls (14 or 29 linear meters), so the right quantity is available for everyone. Processing: easily done with scissors, knife, cutting machine or die-cutter.


How it works:

Peel off the masking film from the strongly adhesive metal foil and stick it onto the cleaned, dust-free and load-bearing substrate.

Attach SIBU DESIGN decorative panels with MAGNETIC – done!


  • Complies with EU directives and TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act).
  • Is classified as non-toxic
  • It is environmentally neutral and REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Weight per m²: approx. 1.7 kg

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